Hilltop Club



Professional Management and Maintenance

Hilltop Club offers professional management and 24-hour emergency maintenance. Our staff works onsite and has years of experience in customer service. Residents who need assistance can meet with team members in the office. If a resident needs to put in a maintenance request they can do so by filling out a work request form online, stopping, or calling the front office.


Individual Leases & Financial Responsibility

At Hilltop Club we offer individual leases by the bedroom and not by the unit. This means that you and your student are only responsible for the rent and you are not responsible for paying the rent for a roommate.

Hilltop Club also requires each resident to have a “Guarantor”. To have a guarantor, they must meet the following guidelines; they must be someone who is 25 years of age or older, does not live at Hilltop Club, is a U.S. citizen, and provide proof that they make at least 3 times the rental installment. If a Guarantor is not available, the resident can pay a Self-guaranty Fee that is equal to one and a half of rental installments. This Self-guaranty Fee will be applied to the resident’s last one and a half installments of the lease.


All-Inclusive Living

Hilltop Club offers many student-friendly amenities that are available at the leisure of our residents. There is no additional charge for Internet, water, cable TV, furniture, full-size washer/dryer, fitness center, computer lab, theater room, tanning, pool and spa, dog park, shuttle to WKU campus, full-sized basketball court, sand volleyball court, and weekly resident events.


Safety & Security

The safety and security of residents is our number one priority at Hilltop Club. We offer secured windows, magnetic key apartment doors, deadbolts on bedroom doors, onsite Courtesy Officers, and on-call Community Assistants. Our Courtesy Officers are on call every night for continued safety.


Residential Life

Hilltop Club hosts weekly resident events that will have a focus on social, physical, and charitable activities. A lot of these events include home-cooked meals and free food from local places in town! Our Residents enjoy our weekly events hosted by our dedicated staff of Community Assistants, Leasing Professionals, and Managers.

In the past, we have held many events partnered with local businesses on the property, including but not limited to: The BG Humane Society, Marco’s Pizza, Monster Energy Drink, The Salvation Army, WUHU Radio Station, and more! Our goal with hosting the Resident Events is to help Hilltop Club feel more like home and to help cultivate new and long-lasting friendships within the community.


Pierce Education Properties

Hilltop Club is owned by Pierce Education Properties, a San Diego-based owner, manager and developer of student housing and education-based real estate. Pierce owns and manages approximately 20,000 beds throughout the U.S. and is still growing today!